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2023 FWCS Safer Schools Referendum

2023 FWCS Safer Schools Referendum

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Having strong relationships with students is the most effective way to make sure students are engaged in school. When students are engaged, it leads to higher academic achievement, stronger sense of well-being, better attendance and fewer discipline issues. With the passage of the referendum, Fort Wayne Community Schools will hire individuals to serve as Student Advocates in each of our buildings. These new staff members will have one goal: support students. Student Advocates will assist in monitoring enhanced security initiatives, such as the weapons detection system, and will walk the buildings making sure they are secure.



Installing enhanced security technology to ensure building safety is key for preparing a successful learning environment for 
students. A safe and secure school allows students to feel comfortable and more engaged in the classroom by limiting stress and 
creating a space for creative learning. Funds from the referendum will allow for the purchase and installation of Advanced Security 
systems including portable weapons detection systems for middle and high schools, exterior door lockout systems, intrusion alarms 
and additional classroom door locks.



Creating a safe and friendly environment at school helps build connections between students, teachers, families and the community. 
A Family Friendly environment is welcoming to school visitors and is a space for respect, trust and student development. At South 
Side High School, students are working with Alive Peacemakers to change the culture of the school by empowering students with 
Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Principles of Nonviolence. The referendum would allow for the expansion of the Peacemaker program to all 
FWCS high schools.



At the heart of student success is a learning environment that allows the pursuit of knowledge in a safe space with educators who 
care. When students are emotionally grounded and comfortable in the classroom, they are more likely to be engaged and thrive 
socially and academically. With a successful referendum, FWCS will hire mental health therapists who will focus on early intervention 
and treatment services for students in coordination with their families and outside counseling services. Students will learn self-regulation
and de-escalation techniques to promote an Education-Centered atmosphere and a safe learning environment.



Fort Wayne Community Schools educates all students to high standards enabling them to become productive, Responsible citizens. 
To ensure students at FWCS continue to collaborate, learn at a high-level and become the leaders of tomorrow, enhancing security 
and adding staff to support student well-being is critical. FWCS has taken a pro-active approach to develop a security plan that is 
detailed and fiscally Responsible, costing a few dollars a month for the average homeowner.


Contact SAFER FWCS to volunteer, request a yard sign or ask a question! Fill out the form found here or email us at

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