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For more than 160 years, Fort Wayne Community Schools has been and continues to be a vital part of our city and has a long track record of success. With 52 schools, 4,000 staff members and nearly 30,000 students, we’ve grown along with our community. We have a nearly 90% graduation rate, and many of our alumni go on to become business owners, teachers, engineers, doctors, carpenters, politicians, artists, lawyers, electricians and much more.

While we celebrate our commitment to achievement and academic excellence, our most crucial mission is to ensure the daily safety of our students and staff. Recent incidents of school violence across our nation, however, implore us to do all we can do to increase the quantity and quality of resources that result in safer schools. To this end, the FWCS Safer Schools PAC was formed in order to create an awareness and support for a referendum that will give taxpayers the authority to approve funds for enhanced safety for the next eight years, which includes:

• Additional school resource officers (SROs)

• Mental health therapists and student advocates for all schools

• Weapons detection systems for all secondary schools

• Enhanced security technology and equipment

• Additional security managers overseeing geographic zones

• Alive Community Outreach programs (Peacemakers) at all high schools

Please join us in creating an awareness and support for the SAFER FWCS referendum!

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