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Learn About the Referendum

Current Situation

DATA: Our students and families see our buildings as safe*

  • 79% of parents said their child’s school is safe

  • 80% of students say staff members know safety procedures

GOAL: Desire to provide more proactive safety measures

*2022-23 student and family School Quality & Culture Survey


Community Safety Committee

Convened Community Safety Committee

  • Committee includes City and County law enforcement, judicial, ministers, mental health professionals, Fort Wayne United, Ten Point Coalition, FWCS Board member, Fort Wayne Education Association (FWEA) and community advocates

Recommendations from Community Safety Committee

  • Increase personnel +

  • Invest in advanced security technology =

Safety & Well-Being Referendum for funding

What's Included

How Are the Funds Planned to be Spent?


Potential Rate Increase

Average homestead property value in FWCS = $167,325

Estimated maximum cost/year = $76

SAFER Schools = $76/year or $6/month

Ballot Language

This language could be confusing to voters but it is the statutorily required language.

  • Total estimated bill for an average home ($167,235) is $1862. 

  • The FWCS portion of that bill is about $600 – this would be a 12.74% increase for just that part of the bill.

  • The referendum would increase taxes 3.4% compared to the current total tax bill.

Shall the Fort Wayne Community Schools, Allen County, Indiana, increase property taxes paid to the school corporation by homeowners and businesses for eight (8) years immediately following the holding of the referendum for the purpose of funding salaries and benefits for security, mental health and support personnel and costs for services from third-party providers and acquisition and/or installation of safety and security equipment and technology used in connection with the operation of one or more school buildings?  If this public question is approved by the voters, the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a residence would increase by 12.74% and the average property tax paid to the school corporation per year on a business property would increase by 11.96%.  The most recent property tax referendum proposed by the school corporation was held in 2020 and passed.

Vote Yes
Nov. 7!

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